Beach Chair Claims Rare Endangered Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle


A wildlife conservation group in Alabama is outraged after a critically endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle washed ashore with a beach chair caught around its neck.

The Facebook post shows a turtle lying belly-up in the surf with a discarded beach chair tangled around the animal’s neck. CBS reports the photo was taken on Fort Morgan beach.

“The chair had barnacles on it so had been in the water for a while. So much stuff left on the beach washes into the gulf. Why we need something like ‘Leave Only Footprints,'” Debbie Harbin of Share the Beach Fort Morgan told WKRG.

The chair also had a University of Alabama logo printed on it.

Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles are thought of as the rarest species of sea turtles in existence, and are listed as a critically endangered species under the U.S. Federal Endangered Species Act.

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