Video: Incredible Scene Shows Thousands of Sardines Jumping Out of Water to Escape Bigger Fish


Evidently, word that Shark Week starting over on Discovery Channel travels pretty quickly across the ocean. . . as a video surfaced recently showing tens of thousands of sardines jumping out of the water in Taiwan last week.

According to Fox News, fisherman Lu Jingwai said the jaw-dropping scene was unlike anything he’d ever witnessed, saying the thousands of fish exploding out of the sea made it look like “boiling water.”

As you’ll see in the video, some of the fish managed to land right on board of a fishing boat docked at Bisha fishing port in Keelung, Taipei City, Daily Mail reports.

Jingwai guesses the smaller fish were probably trying to escape a group of barracudas, who do most of their hunting during the wee hours of the night.

Check out this incredible video going around the internet below:

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