Animal Rights Activists Slam Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Over Family Aquarium Visit


He’s arguably Hollywood’s biggest star – in both a literal and figurative sense – but not even Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson can escape a family aquarium visit without hearing some guff from animal rights activists.

The actor was seen on Instagram with girlfriend Lauren Hashian and 2-year-old daughter Jasmine strolling through the Georgia Aquarium over the weekend:

“More than 100,000 animals and sea creatures here that I’m in constant awe of,” he wrote in one of his many posts on Instagram.

“Specifically, this whale shark that I’m contemplating jumping in the tank and jumping on its back.”

Sadly though, this family outing was seen as “cruel” by some folks, who flooded Johnson’s posts with critical remarks such as: “Yes, they’re magnificent!” one follower wrote. “They certainly don’t belong in an aquarium! Animals are used for humans’ amusement and profit… they should ALL be free to live their lives as nature intended!”

“They DON’T BELONG IN CAPTIVITY,” another commenter added. “Animals are NOT for our entertainment.”

It wasn’t all bad, however. There were several fans who came to ‘Rock’s’ defense mocking the anti-aquarium backlash and said those who were offended are “being overly sensitive.” Unfortunately, this type of response from animal rights organizations is pretty standard, as we’ve previously seen in the past. . . 

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