British Columbia Woman Photographs Cougar Mauling a Deer in Her Backyard


A woman in Vancouver Island, British Columbia captured a chilling sight earlier this week of a cougar mauling a deer and dragging it out of her yard.

Marnie Robinson was just enjoying her morning cup of coffee at her Port Alberni home when she heard a sound that really woke her up. Robinson described it as sounding “like a cat fight,” and it turns out she wasn’t very far off. . .

When she looked out her back window, alas, there was a cougar mauling a deer with its gaze now fixed right back at her.

“I watched through my kitchen window, about 40 to 50 feet away,” she told Postmedia, according to VancouverSun. “The cougar was so calm. It barely moved, except for its tail wagging.”

Cougars are a relatively common sight on Vancouver Island, although they typically do their hunting during nighttime hours, and are rarely ever seen during the day.

Marnie decided to take advantage of this rare opportunity, and grabbed her camera to take some high-res photos:

Cougar Mauling
Marnie Robinson
Cougar Mauling
Marnie Robinson

“Once the cougar noticed me, it wouldn’t take its eyes off of me,” she said. “Until it dragged its kill into our back bushes. It was unbelievable.”

And she kept the camera rolling to capture that incredible moment:

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