Video: Man’s Epic Gun Range Error Makes for the Shortest Gun Rage Visit Ever


We’ve all seen someone at the range who seem to be clueless about gun safety and range etiquette. Often times, their ignorance is met with some helpful tips from the range officer and a little bit more scrutiny as they continue with their range time. A new video making the rounds this week, however, shows something on an entirely different level. A man at the Top Gun Range in Houston can be seen posing for a selfie before holding his pistol up to his friend’s head. That level of stupidity makes for the shortest gun range visit you’ll ever see.

Thankfully, the range officer was directly behind the duo and was watching the events unfold. He moved in quickly to disarm the man and usher him off the line and out of the building.

Watch for yourself:

Thankfully, no one was hurt in this exchange and the range officer moved quickly to defuse this situation. Let’s hope the two shooters take this experience to heart and get themselves some training.

Have you seen someone do similar at the range? let us know in the comments below.

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