Video: Hiker Nearly Gets Caught in a Mountain Lion Ambush Trap


There are few other predator animals you’d rather encounter on a hiking trail than a hungry cougar. So if you ever find yourself in a similar scenario as the hikers in this video, whatever you do, don’t make the same mistake or you’ll find yourself in a mountain lion ambush trap. . .

These hikers were walking along a hiking trail when they suddenly crossed paths with a mountain lion. And instead of backing out or finding another route, they decide to test the predator in its own environment. Talk about a big mistake!

The big cat appears to run around the corner to flee from the hikers, and that’s when the man filming makes one of the dumbest decisions ever. He decides to pursue the lion and. . . well. . . you’ll just have to watch and see what happens next.

Watch the heart-dropping moment when he realizes he’s been set up in a potential mountain lion ambush trap:

(Turn up the volume to hear his reaction, but understand in that terrifying moment, he used some not nice language.)

If that didn’t get your heart pounding, I truly don’t know what will. What a totally terrifying and intense moment!

Even though these two guys made an epic mistake by following a predator like that, they earned some redemption points by remaining calm and slowly backing out of that intense face off. We’d really hate to see how this went if things went sideways on them. . .

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