Idaho Bowhunter Survived a Grizzly Bear Attack in Mountains North of Yellowstone


An Idaho bowhunter survived a grizzly attack in Montana near Yellowstone National Park after unintentionally startling a sow and her cub. The bear sunk its teeth into his arm breaking it in two places and left a gnarly claw mark near his eye, but he survived, and has his hunting partner to thank for driving the animal away.

Bob Legasa, 57, was mauled by the grizzly in the Gallatin National Forest, making him at least the seventh bear attack since May in the Northern Rocky Mountains.

Despite the scary encounter, Bob remains in high spirits, giving a huge shout out to his partner and hunting guide, Greg Gibson, in a Facebook post recounting the incident. That Facebook post has since been deleted.

Below is a video with more details:

All in all, it sounds like Bob was very fortunate, and especially lucky to have a hunting partner who was able to keep his head straight during chaos.

Legasa’s attack is the most recent in a string of bear/human incidents in Wyoming and Montana, several of which have involved hunters who are looking for mule deer or elk. An attack last month in Wyoming killed hunting guide Mark Uptain, while another hunter who was bowhunting on Montana’s Blackfeet Indian Reservation reported killing a grizzly after it had attacked him.

Still, federal grizzly protections remain, and human encounters will continue to increase.

Stay safe out there!

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