Video: Drury Outdoors Shares Their Favorite Halloween Hunting Highlights


Can you think of a better treat on Halloween than taking a buck you’ve had your eye all year? A lot of hunters swear by Halloween hunting, and even consider it to be the ‘true beginning of deer season.’ I don’t know about you, but nothing is scarier than the thought of a shooter buck cruising by my treestand while I’m not sitting in it. . .

This time of year, cold fronts are ushering in and bucks are definitely starting to feel that ‘itch.’ If you haven’t already, you better get your game plan in place for the next few weeks, because chaos is about to ensue in the deer woods. And this “chaos” makes for the most exciting time of the year.

For proof that Halloween really is the true beginning of deer season, the DODTV Team put together a compilation video highlighting all of their favorite spooooooky Halloween hunts.

So sit back, relax and watch the Drury’s go trick-or-treating for some prized Halloween monsters:

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