New ScentRelief NeutraVert System Converts Human Urine into a Revolutionary Scent Attractant


As deer hunters, we take little details very seriously, so covering up our human scent when we head into the woods is always our number one concern. Speaking of ‘number one,’ check out ScentRelief, a brand new product that claims to convert human urine into an effective deer attractant:

The Scent Relief system neutralizes and converts human urine into an effective deer attractant! Yep, you heard that right! Human urine converts into a revolutionary scent attractant!

“This changes everything,” said Don Bell, founder of Code Blue **and Top Secret** Deer Scents Co-Developer of ScentRelief.

At this time, no additional information has been provided, however we fully intend on catching up with the ScentRelief team at the 2019 ATA Trade Show to hear more about this product.

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