Wisconsin Man Bags 19-Point Buck After Pursuing Animal For Years


After fiver years of pursuing a specific buck, a Wisconsin man finally sealed the deal on a 19-point buck in Chippewa Falls.

Joshua Gawrysiak was in utter disbelief when he hopped on a Facebook Live video to recount the hunt. According to Fox News, the 32-year-old said the buck had been chasing a doe near the stand he was sitting in when he shot him from roughly 20-yards away with his Matthews Compound bow. The buck ran a short distance before piling up shortly after.

“I cannot believe this. It just amazes me,” the Wisconsin man said. “This is the buck I’ve been hunting for so long. Here he is, I can hold him,” he continued.

“I patterned him. I sat in that stand, knowing he’d be there,” Gawrysiak stated.

The plan is to have the deer mounted in a public setting – ideally inside a sporting goods store, WEAU reported – “so the hundreds of people who have seen this deer, have pictures of this deer and have hunted this deer will be able to come and view him,” he wrote.

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