Video: Velvet Bull Moose Scares Dog Walker


Have you seen this woman’s reaction after a velvet bull moose scares her while walking her dogs? Luckily the person filming was on the ball here, because this is just great.

As you’re about to see, a woman in the middle of a walk with her two dogs peers around a large boulder to see a moose lounging in the shade.

Now, moose don’t exactly have the best eyesight and the woman probably could have slipped by without any issues, but the way this lady reacts, you would have thought she looked right into the eyes of a lion or something. . .

In all fairness, she handled that situation pretty well. Moose are kind of strange in that you never really know what’s going to stir them up. If it’s me, though, I’m not taking any chances either. I have a long outdoors bucket list I want to complete one day, and getting trampled by a gigantic moose is definitely not on it!

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