Here Are 4 Of The Favorite New Broadheads From ATA 2019


Perhaps the product surrounded with the most buzz – and debate – at each ATA Show is new broadheads. If you aren’t careful, hours can fly by as you discuss how well they fly, cut, penetrate, etc… We bowhunters take our broadheads very seriously, so take a look at some of our favorite new broadheads from the 2019 ATA Show.

Rage Hypodermic NC:

Again, Rage validates their position atop the market when it comes to innovation with their new Hypodermic NC mechanical broadhead. Featuring a lethal Hypodermic hybrid-style tip and needle-like ferrule, this broadhead’s design guarantees similar accuracy of a field-tip, with two .035-inch-thick blades cutting a damaging 2-inch wound channel. We were happy to see Rage do away with the previous design requiring a Shock Collar or O-ring, and believe this new design supports ease of use in a major way. Upon hitting their target, the blades extend, locking into place and delivering the same devastation bowhunters have become familiar with using Rage broadheads.

Muzzy X Four-Blade Expandable:

Usually, bowhunters think of Muzzy as strictly fixed blade broadheads. Not anymore – Muzzy is debuting their new expandable four-blade broadhead at ATA this year, and we think you’ll agree is definitely an eye-grabber. Check out the video above for all the details.

SWAT Hybrid:

We’ve been seeing more and more hybrid broadheads hit the market each year. The new SWAT Hybrid is likely going to be our favorite when 2019 is all said and done. Packing a total cut of 2 and 3/8-inches, you can have confidence this broadhead will get the job done the minute it leaves your bowstring. What makes the Hybrid unique is the ability to lock all four blades in place and shoot it as a fixed-blade broadhead, or you can flip the blades forward and shoot it as a mechanical broadhead. And they also claim to offer the most compact mechanical broadhead on the market! Check out the video to hear more from the SWAT Broadheads booth at the 2019 ATA show.

Wasp Archery Havalon HV:

The new Wasp Havalon HV broadhead is the result of a collaboration between Wasp Archery and Havalon Knives, and these guys took every little detail into account here. Havalon is obviously known for the sharpness of their blades, while Wasp boasts their Trocar tip is the toughest broadhead tip in the industry. And each blade is perfectly in-line with the edges of the tip to increase its penetrating ability. In short, what you get is unsurpassed accuracy, strength and performance in this “Mother of All Broadheads.”

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