Here’s Our Top 5 (Plus More) List of Products From the 2019 ATA Show Floor


The 2019 ATA Show has officially wrapped up. This year, we watched the Drurys make ATA history by announcing their biggest giveaway ever, and we can’t wait to share all the great new hunting and archery products hitting the market this year with all of you. It’s never an easy task, but we managed to narrow down our five favorite products from the ATA show floor this year.

Check them all out in the video below, and let us know which one you can’t wait to try for yourself.

Here’s a couple of honorable mentions we took note of as well:


We were pretty eager to get a closer look at this particular product, and it didn’t disappoint. Make sure you head over to their Facebook page for more details on when you can expect to see this revolutionary attractant available for purchase.

SKOPT Optics’ BLOODVISION Blood Trailing Eyewear:

This patent pending technology is like nothing you’ve ever seen before – literally! These optics are specifically engineered with OptiChromatic lenses, which helps hunters see blood trails much easier. Dramatically increasing the odds of recovering game. For a visual representation of how this technology works, see the video below:

NAP Dark Night Broadhead:

We already listed some of our favorite broadheads from the show this year, but you’ll see in a minute why we absolutely had to share this one with you as well..

The new NAP Dark Knight broadhead might just be the ‘dark horse’ product from the entire show. It’s that cool! This hybrid broadhead features a pivoting blade that’s designed to cut around bones, return back to its original position, and continue to preserve kinetic energy going forward.

Plus it just looks bad to the bone!

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