Graphic Video: Turkey Spur Gashes Hunter’s Hand


Here’s a quick PSA for all turkey hunters: Do not grab a recently-shot turkey by the foot! I’ve been guilty of this myself, but it’s actually a really bad idea. Not only are wild turkeys pretty much impossible to hold onto by the foot, but this video shows how a turkey spur gashes a hunter’s hand after he was a bit too eager to get his hands on it after the shot.

In the video, the hunter explains how he shot a turkey, ran to it, and presumably grabbed it by the foot immediately. Well, in its death throes – which can often be pretty intense – the gobbler’s sharp spur ripped into this guy’s hand and left him with a huge, gaping wound between his fingers.

If you’re up for it, check it out in the video below (viewer discretion is advised):

If you’re in pursuit of Mr. Gobbler this spring, make sure to use caution after the shot!

If you want to contain your bird and walk away unscathed, chase that sucker down and step on its neck. Then, you can use both hands to fold its wildly-flapping wings, and kneel on the bird’s body.

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