Powered by HeiQ Smart Temp Technology, BUFF Launches CoolNet UV+ for Activated Cooling


For 25 years, BUFF® has premiered and innovated the tubular headwear category. Headquartered in Spain, the company was founded to keep the founder’s head and neck warm during his cross-country motorcycle rides. Today, BUFF® continues its heritage of quality and reliability in multifunctional headwear. Just like the first product from BUFF® in 1991, the new CoolNet UV+ was developed to keep customers safe and cool from the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

Today the fabric is a recycled performance polyester microfiber with HeiQ Smart Temp’s activated cooling technology to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. The fabric also includes UPF 50+ sun protection, offers a 4-way ULTRA stretch weave and is 100% seamless for the perfect fit.

“With 25 years of improvements on our BUFF® products, we are excited to partner with HeiQ on our CoolNet UV+® to allow our customers to Stay Dry and Feel Cool with this new line of multifunctional headwear,” says Marc Fitó, Innovation Manager at Original Buff, S.A.

HeiQ Smart Temp is an intelligent thermoregulation technology. Cooling is activated by rising body temperature and deactivated once cooling is complete. HeiQ Smart Temp keeps the wearer cooler, dryer and more comfortable.

“HeiQ and BUFF® have a shared vision of quality and reliability in our products. With the new CoolNet UV+® fabric, we are pleased that our HeiQ Smart Temp technology will allow the consumer to Stay Dry andFeel Cool”,says Christian von Uthmann, HeiQ’s Chief Sales Officer.

The BUFF® CoolNet UV+® collection is available for purchase at buff.com and buffusa.com. To learn more about HeiQ Smart Temp, visit heiq.com

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