Video: Watch This Bass Boat Crash While Traveling 102 MPH


It’s nothing short of a miracle that these two gentlemen are still alive after wrecking a bass boat traveling over 100-mph.

Evidently, the guys who made this video proclaim they already reached speeds up to 106-mph on open water, and this was their attempt to top that. Their souped-up bass boat had other plans, though, and something went wrong once they hit 102-mph..

Assuming you have some boating experience, you probably realize how just 30-mph seems so much faster on the water. So with that in mind, can you even fathom how fast 102-mph must feel?

And while we’re hovering around the subject, imagine how hitting the surface of the water felt moving at a clip like that. One word comes to mind – OUCH!

Let this be a lesson to always make safety the number one priority when on the water. Accidents like this can occur in a moments notice, so be safe out there!

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