Check Out the Trailer for Steven Rinella’s Latest Documentary, ‘Stars In The Sky: A Hunting Story’


Steven Rinella’s latest documentary, Stars In The Sky: A Hunting Story looks like a “must see!”

Sit down and take a moment to think up a list of hunters, past or present, you would want to sit around a campfire and swap hunting stories with. I know, this could take some serious thought and planning, but jot down some names and see what you come up with. Ask another hunting or fishing buddy to do the same, and ask them why they chose who they did.

Personally, I have Steven Rinella very near the top of my list – and not just because he’s from my home state of Michigan!

Rinella holds countless amount of knowledge and information about hunting that’s so valuable to folks like you and I, who spend a good majority of our free-time outdoors. On top of that, he’s quite the history buff, and might even share a tale or two about aliens or Bigfoot. Plus, he’s a pretty good cook too, so you know any fireside conversation with MeatEater himself would likely include some amazing table fare.

You have to think these things through!

Now, in case you haven’t heard, Rinella will be coming out with a new documentary this year titled ‘Stars In The Sky: A Hunting Story’.

Below is a description of what folks can expect to see in this film:

“The latest documentary feature from the award-winning team at Zero Point Zero Films, STARS IN THE SKY: A Hunting Story is an examination of the lives and minds of hunters in America that opens the door to an honest exploration of the controversies, emotions, and traditions that are inherent to this most primal human activity. It is not a one-sided story.

Directed by acclaimed writer Steven Rinella and framed around a rugged hunt in the Alaskan wilderness, STARS IN THE SKY explores the experiences and belief systems of modern day hunters in America. These individuals are reflections of ourselves, connected by their love of nature, an intimate experience of gathering food, and the familial ties that come from a tradition passed from generation to generation. Throughout the film, a group of experts weigh in on the history, sociology, ethics, and contradictions of hunting. It is a fresh and unexpected look at a discipline that grows increasingly controversial every year.

STARS IN THE SKY is held to ambitions as lofty as the title: to be the most impactful and definitive piece of hunting content ever created. By bridging the gap between hunters and non-hunters to help us better understand the heart of a hunter, this feature length documentary will, among other things, help us better understand ourselves and our complex relationship with the wild. As with any good story, it is about who we are, and how we ended up at this very moment in time.”

And here’s the trailer:

We have yet to hear or see a release date for this, but I will definitely have my calendar marked once it is announced. Stay tuned for more updates!

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