Buzz-Worthy: Swarming Bees Delay Start of Baseball Game Between Reds, Giants


Goose invasions, occasionally. Stray bullets mysteriously striking fans, it happened. But this scene of swarming bees at Great American Ball Park is one the MLB won’t soon forget.

It was just a regularly scheduled afternoon ball game, but as players for the Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants took the field, there seemed to be a lot of ‘buzz’ on the field – especially for two last place teams going head-to-head.

Turns out the players weren’t alone on the baseball diamond that afternoon, and the field had been taken over.. by bees.

The game ended up suffering roughly a 30-minute delay, and the first pitch was eventually tossed into the catcher’s mitt. But the bees only took their operation to the next level.. literally!

A bee invasion sounds absolutely miserable for the fans attending the game that afternoon. However, the real letdown here is that the scoreboard operator didn’t take this opportune time to reference Tommy Boy and the “BEES IN THE CAR!” scene..

With that said, we’ll leave you with this:


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