Video: Two Hunters Take On Alaska’s Unrelenting Terrain To Hunt Gigantic Coastal Brown Bears


You’ve probably heard about Alaska’s unrelenting terrain and the mental challenge you will inevitably face if you ever make it there for a hunt. But in reality, that’s the least of your worries. What you should be aware of, is the real-life monsters that roam the wilderness out there.

We’re talking about coastal brown bears, the largest species of bears in the world, which are known for getting even bigger than grizzlies.

Alaska Peninsula brown bears – or coastal brown bears – are a very large brown bear subspecies, usually ranging in weight from 800 to 1,200 pounds. They are typically found in high densities along the southern Alaskan coast due not only to the large amount of clams and sedge grass, but also to the annual salmon runs.

The large quantity of salmon these bears consume throughout the year is a big reason why they are are so gigantic!

There’s little doubt coastal brown bear hunting in Alaska might be the ultimate test for a hunter, and it doesn’t get any easier when you pull the trigger right at last light..

This was the daunting situation Travis and Adam from Stuck N The Rut’ were faced with recently after successfully filling a tag on the biggest brown bear either hunter had ever laid eyes on.

I won’t give away any spoilers, you’ll just have to watch and see how this hunt and recovery goes down.

You know what they say; “the real hard work begins immediately after pulling the trigger” and that couldn’t be any more appropriate for the ‘theme’ of this video:

Awesome hunt, gentlemen. And what an absolute warrior of a bear – checkout the scar on his snout!

If you were in the same position as these two hunters, would you have made the same call to pack out the animal that night? It’s a tough decision, but I think they made the correct choice. Plus, would you actually be able to fall asleep after accomplishing something like that?

What are some bucket list hunts you dream of going on? Is coastal brown bears one of them?

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