Watch: Casey Harbertson of MTN OPS Goes Spring Bear Hunting in Idaho


There’s no better time than early spring to be glassing for bears!

If you live in a state that is lucky enough to have a spring bear season, you should absolutely get out and experience the forest as spring starts showing signs of life. If you’ve never been to bear camp before, or on a bear hunt for that matter, allow this video from MTN OPS to show you what you’re missing.

Every year, MTN OPS President & Co-Founder, Casey Harbertson, heads to the mountains of Idaho for “the best bear camp in the west.” Now, that statement gets thrown around quite a bit, but these guys really know how to throw down!

Check out the video below to watch Casey and this rowdy bunch chase after bears through the beautiful mountains of Idaho. And not to giveaway any spoilers or anything, but they might even have an encounter or two with a wolf..

As per usual, MTN OPS does a fantastic job putting this film together. If you haven’t already, you should definitely head over to their YouTube channel and check out more of their videos. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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