Foraging & Preparing Morel Mushrooms


Once you find morels, it’s time to slap on your creative culinary hats, and think up some different ways to utilize this fantastic fungi. You could also turn to some professional chefs who know a thing or two about preparing morel mushrooms!

Morel mushrooms vary in size from small to large with caps that are oblong, cone-shaped, bulbous, or even egg-shaped. This opens the door perfectly for us to use them in many different recipes; from wild turkey stuffed morels, to simply topping off a pizza with a meaty, woodsy flavor.

Or, if you like to keep things simple, Chef Eduardo Garcia and Steven Rinella offer a classic morel mushroom recipe in the video below:

Did anybody else feel like they could smell that through their screens? Sometimes keeping it simple with some fresh herbs, butter and garlic is the best way to go!

As far as nutritional value goes, Specialty Produce says morel mushrooms are a great source of fiber, iron, and manganese, and also contain copper, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins D, E, K and B, potassium, and calcium!

Got a taste for morels yet?

Now all you have to do is get outdoors and find some.. Good luck!

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