Video: Anglers Thrown from Bass Boat Without Kill Switch


Things go from bad to nearly catastrophic when these two anglers are thrown from their bass boat without using the kill switch. This is exactly why you cannot be careless out on the water.

Michael Broussard was fishing with his dad in Toledo Bend when something happened I’m sure all of us are guilty of.. he got distracted and neglected his usual safety precautions – a move that nearly cost them both.

While hiking it across the lake at speeds of 50 mph, Michael doesn’t see an oncoming buoy and tries to avoid it at the last second. He swerves, sending his dad flying out of his seat crashing into Michael. They are both tossed from the boat into the water.

But it’s not over yet..

Michael wasn’t wearing his kill switch at the time of the crash, and the boat continues to spiral around in circles in the middle of the lake.

Thankfully, another boat witnessed the mayhem, and the driver turns out to have serious maneuvering skills to pull up next to the out of control bass boat. A very brave individual jumps onto the boat and manages to get it under control before any more damage was done.

Now’s probably a good time to say a $15 kill switch – and the use of one more importantly – would have prevented this whole thing.

In the end, we give Michael credit for posting this video, because it allows people to see just how easy things can spiral out of control on the water – no pun intended.

“Despite having been on the water my whole life, I didn’t truly know how unforgiving the water could be and how quickly things can go wrong. ALWAYS wear your kill switch, life jacket and other PPE and know your equipment!” Michael said. “Big thanks to the guys who picked us up that day, they probably saved our lives.”

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