Houston, We Have a Problem: Gator With Knife Stuck in Head Spotted in Texas Neighborhood


Neighbors and families inside a lakeside community in Fort Bend County, Texas are angered and confused after a recent sighting of an alligator with a knife stuck in its head.

“It looked like a steak knife that was sticking out of his head,” Erin Weaver of Orchard Lakes Estates told ABC 13.

Alligators can be found in nearly every swamp, lake, and pond (including the occasional kitchen) in the southeastern United States. But when Weaver laid eyes on this gator.. she knew something strange was afoot.

Gators are apparently frequent visitors to this lakeside community, but Weaver says she’s never seen them act aggressively, which only adds to her confusion of who would do something like this.

Watch below for more details from the Houston neighborhood:

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