God, Guns and Glory: Ford Dealership’s 4th of July Promotion Included a Bible, USA Flag and a Shotgun


A Ford dealership in Chatom, Alabama recently made news headlines for their 4th of July sales promotion in which they were providing buyers of their vehicles with a copy of the Holy Bible, a USA flag and a shotgun. Sounds like Gun Pride Month to me!

The dealership, Chatom Ford, has refined the offer a tad since going viral, but it’s still a pretty sweet deal!

In a recent video posted to their Facebook page, they announced instead of a shotgun, buyers will receive a gift certificate. Here’s what the ad says:

“It’s back on at Chatom Ford. God & glory! All the rest of this month and all of July, we’re gonna give away a Bible, an American flag, and a gift certificate to use wherever you want for whatever you want — it’s your right.

Come see us — every vehicle sold: a Bible, a flag, and a gift certificate.”

The reason for replacing the shotgun with a gift certificate remain up for speculation, but you could still get yourself something nice.. perhaps a new treestand or fishing rig. Whatever!

Here’s the updated advertisement:

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