Video: Woman Finds Live Coyote Lodged in Grill of Her Car


While making the trek from Orondo to Wenatchee a woman heard a thud, and thought she may have hit something with her sedan. But when she looked back and didn’t see anything in her rear view mirror, she continued onward puzzled by what just happened.

When the woman pulled into work that morning, she went to examine around her vehicle, and discovered the eyes of a coyote staring back at her as she peered through the grill of her sedan.

And it was still alive.

Turns out the sound she heard on her way in that morning was a coyote getting lodged inside her vehicle.

Brooks Davenport, who works at one of the businesses nearby, stood by and observed while mechanics and an Animal Care & Control worker tried to free the coyote for nearly an hour. Luckily, he brought his phone with him and was able to record this video:

“So she really did not even see the coyote,” Davenport stated. He guessed the animal was lodged in the woman’s car for about 10 miles.

The animal reportedly suffered a broken leg in the incident, however it could have easily been much worse.

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