Introducing MeatEater’s New Fishing Show, Das Boat


Fishing shows have a tendency of getting a bad rap. Some folks find them dry and boring, but I remain bullish on watching anglers explore new lakes and try out new fishing methods. With that being said, MeatEater’s new fishing show, Das Boat – their first ever original fishing series – looks to put a spin on the tired old cast, catch and release program.

If you’re an avid MeatEater fan, you probably know by now Steve Rinella doesn’t take any shortcuts on his outdoor adventures. Given the opportunity, he’d likely prefer to “embrace the suck” and take things head on rather than “ride in luxury,” and Das Boat is the epitome of that very concept.

In the show, Steve and the MeatEater team leave the back forty and their hunting ways behind to embark on an all-American fishing road trip. The result? A six-part episodic YouTube series, called Das Boat, which takes viewers through fresh and saltwater fisheries from Texas to Florida to Georgia.

In a rusted 1989 Alumacraft V16 with a 50 year old engine found on Craigslist, the dynamic anglers celebrate and explore watersheds and fish that are all too often overlooked. And each new fishery is as unique as the personality of the angler featured – picture the likes of Steve, JT Van Zandt, Oliver Ngy and April Vokey.

“It’s 1 boat, 5 fisheries, 10 anglers, 2,500 miles and unlimited bad decisions. It’s everything you love about MeatEater the show, but for anglers. It’s Das Boat!

The first episode is set to air on August 15th at 11am MST on YouTube, with new episodes coming out every Thursday. For now, check out the trailer below:

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