Caught On Camera: Gators Climb Fences & Swim Across Roads in Florida


Most Floridians are aware that alligators can be found nearly everywhere in their home state, but everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) was thrown for a loop when they discovered gators climb fences.

A couple videos from the Sunshine State made news last week, including one showing an alligator swimming in floodwaters in St. Petersburg, and another of a gator caught on tape climbing a fence at the naval air station.

The first video was filmed by Roger Light Jr, who says he was startled by a gator when it approached him while sitting at a traffic light during a downpour. He got the big reptile on film and posted it to his Facebook page:

Another gator was caught on film in Jacksonville, seemingly getting prepared for the viral “Storm Area 51” Facebook event. Fortunately, a witness was right there and caught the whole thing on video.

And to be honest, we had no clue gators climb fences either..

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