Video: Strong Winds Send Event Tent and Restaurant Workers Flying During Storm in S.C.


In terms of severe weather, it’s been a relatively quiet summer. But that trend ended earlier this week after two people were injured attempting to secure an event tent during a storm in South Carolina.

According to WYFF4, a Clemson University event was being held at the Esso Club in Clemson, when a storm blew through with strong gusts sending the plastic tables, chairs and tent flying out of control around the parking lot.

Employees from the Esso Club rushed to hold the tent in place during the storm, and that’s when nature flexed its muscles.

“All our stuff is getting blown away, and I’m trying to save all the work we put into it,” Samuel Foster, one of the Esso Club employees, said.

As you’ll see, Foster is the one in the video who is lifted into the air and thrown into the building, smashing the gutter on his way down. He suffered some bruises and a cut over his left eye, which required stitches to fix.

“It took a second to register, but then I’m, like, 20 feet in the air. And all I could think about was, ‘I’ve got to land on this roof,'” Foster reportedly said.

Moments before Foster was blown away like a rag doll, a female employee is also seen being lifted into the air and slammed to the ground by one of those plastic tables.

Here’s the wild video below:

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