Ted Nugent Rips Michigan DNR, Says Deer Baiting Ban Will Hurt the State’s Hunting Industry


Ted Nugent, Detroit native and self proclaimed Motor City Madman, sat in front of the House Government Operations Committee Tuesday morning and passionately shared his thoughts on Michigan’s deer baiting ban for deer and elk.

“The minute a deer is born, they lick and groom and swap spit. They all go to the same licking branch. There’s one every couple acres in Michigan. You can’t ban that!” Nugent explained at the hearing. “The law banning feeding and baiting in Michigan is going to chase hunting families out of the sport for absolutely no reason.”

He wasn’t done there, either.

Uncle Ted went on, calling out the scientists who justified the ban, saying “IF a disease can be transmitted through nose-to-nose contact, there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.” His argument echos the voices of those who share a similar view on the legislation, which was introduced to “limit the spread of chronic wasting disease,” MDNR reports.

“I don’t have a lab coat and I’ve never spent time in a laboratory,” Ted said to the lawmakers. “What I have observed and what I have witnessed every year of my life is totally opposite of what the epidemiologists have forced us to adopt.”

Take a listen to his heated testimony below:

Nobody from the Department of Natural Resources or the Natural Resources Commission testified at the hearing Tuesday, however officials have said feeding and baiting is detrimental to disease control efforts because it brings larger numbers of deer together all at once.

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