A Wedding in Pennsylvania Featured This Lifelike Deer Cake as the Centerpiece


Don’t go get a case of the buck fever, this big 8-pointer is actually an incredibly lifelike deer cake specially created for a Pennsylvania wedding last weekend.

Baked by the fine folks at Shady Maple Market in East Earl, Pennsylvania, this lifelike deer cake was the centerpiece for a recent wedding and it may have taken some guests by surprise.

With everything made entirely from scratch (minus the pair of rattling antlers) the cake took more than 10 hours to finish. While the head and neck were carved from Styrofoam, the back portion of the deer cake consisted of enough marble cake to feed over 200 wedding guests!

According to John Gehr, the store’s marketing and sales manager, the bride and groom brought the set of rattling antlers to the bakery and asked if a cake could be made to “fit the antlers,” Gehr said.

I think it’s safe to say Pam McNeal, cake decorating supervisor at Shady Maple, knocked this one out of the park!

What do you think? Would you grab a slice?

If it’s me, I’m going for a piece around the backstraps. Maybe it’s just habit, but something tells me that’s where the goodness lays!

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