‘Hunt the Hunters’: Vandalized Deer Blinds Found Spray-Painted With Anti-Hunting Messages


After a reoccurring series of vandalized deer blinds found in Dunn County, Wisconsin, authorities are warning hunters to inspect their blinds for damage or tampering in the interest of their own safety.

The first incident occurred in late September, when vandals actually flipped a homemade deer blind on its side, and spray-painted the structure with the words “All hunters are bastards,” and “A.L.F” – the acronym for the Animal Liberation Front.

Upon speaking with the organization, Fox News reports the North American Animal Liberation Press Office “was very pleased to hear about the destruction of multiple hunting stands in Dunn County.”

In a statement to Fox, the A.L.F said, “It is an absurd idea that there is sport in lying in wait for an unsuspecting animal to stroll by and then blowing it away with a high-powered weapon. People who do this sort of thing are despicable and need to be stopped.”

The second act of vandalism was reported on October 18.

The Dunn County Sheriff’s Office received a similar case of criminal property damage after another deer blind was found spray-painted with the apparent logo for the Animal Liberation Front, as well as a message which read, “Hunt the hunters.”

The anti-hunting activists responsible in this particular case had also located and destroyed “several trail cams” setup in the area which may have captured their identity, police said in a post on Facebook.

These latest acts of vandalism appear to stem from two similar cases which took place nearby over the past few years, police said. Authorities urge anybody with information on the individuals who committed these crimes to contact the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office, which has teamed up with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the FBI.

“We are asking that the public again stay vigilant to suspicious activity and look over deer stands prior to utilizing them,” the sheriff’s office advised on Facebook.

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