Must See: Resilient Honey Badger Holds its Own Against 2 Jackals in a Brutal Tug of War With a Python


Moments before tourist Roselyne Kerjosse turned her camera on while on a safari in Botswana, a python snatched what appeared to be an easy meal, but this resilient honey badger isn’t going down without a fight. Wait until you see what happens next in this wild interaction that effectively puts the WWE to shame.

The amazing footage shows a vicious fight between a python, a fearless honey badger and two very persistent jackals.

At the start of the video, the honey badger appears trapped in the pythons death grip, when a pair of black-backed jackals come storming in. They begin attacking the snake, which actually frees the badger allowing it to escape. It then seems as if the jackals feel entitled to the python as their own – perhaps a kind gesture for the rescue – but the honey badger has other ideas.

Instead, the honey badger and one of the jackals result to a tug of war over who gets the meal, and it becomes one of the craziest wildlife encounters we’ve seen in a while!

You won’t see this in your backyard:

The Botswana Wildlife Guide states honey badgers are “renowned for their ferociousness, attacking lions and buffalo” if they feel threatened.

Black-backed Jackals – or Silver-backed Jackal as it is sometimes referred to – is one of the hardiest creatures of Africa, surviving in a wide range of habitats from arid desert to swampy Delta. They are known for being opportunistic feeders who aren’t afraid to slip in and steal from a lion’s kill while the pride is still eating.

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