Wolf Pack Surrounds Visitors Driving in Yellowstone National Park


The first thing you will realize when visiting Yellowstone National Park – aside from the astonishing beauty of nature and wildlife – is that you have entered an area that isn’t totally ruled by humans. A pair of visitors at the park recently recorded a video that proves this point, and it might make you feel a little uneasy..

As NBC Montana reports, Brandon Beshears captured and shared video of a wolf pack surrounding his truck while he was driving through the park one evening.

Check out the video from NBC Montana’s Facebook below (VOLUME UP TO HEAR THE PACK SOUND-OFF!):

A little creepy, right?

Notice the remainder of the pack in his rear view mirror? Yeah, talk a bad time to get out of your vehicle and mess with nature. We’ve seen it before though..

A lot of people have an infatuation with black wolves because of their exceptionally striking appearance, and you can’t blame them.┬áIf you’re like me, you never get tired learning about this incredible K-9’s!

Honest to Paws has an interesting article about the mysterious black wolves of Yellowstone, which details the history of these majestic looking animals.

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