7-Year-Old Hunter Shares Hilarious Dating Strategy Around Campfire


Remember when you were young, and thought you had the whole world figured out? This youngster apparently has a ‘master plan’ to hunt and fish whenever he wants, and his hilarious dating strategy has quickly gone viral in the hunting community.

Take a seat around the campfire and listen up. This 7-year-old hunter – who is dressed in full camo and double-fisting 7-Up – has some important relationship advice to share, and it nearly floored the adults at this hunt camp:

“I don’t want a girl, I don’t want a wife because what if they say ‘You can’t go hunting?’ I’ll just go like, ‘Nope, I’m going huntin’ right now, you are not tellin’ me what to do!'”

This little guy has some big hunting plans, and is clearly wise beyond his years. (He even holds his 7-up like a man!)

Maybe don’t show this video to his mom or future wife, though..

Happy hunting, y’all!

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