Bounding Mountain Lion Takes Blacktail Deer to the Ground


If you search ‘mountain lion‘ on OutdoorHub, you will find we have covered several stories pertaining to these fierce felines over the years. But we have never seen this video before.

It occurred during the time of the Carr Fire – a wildfire that burned in Shasta and Trinity Counties in California, destroying 229,651 acres of land.

A blacktail deer was visiting a waterhole on a ranch that had apparently just been scorched by the fire, when suddenly two glowing eyes appear in the background and the deer gets mauled from behind by a bounding mountain lion. The deer realizes at the last second that something is happening, but it’s too late.

The deer leaps to try and avoid being tackled to the ground, but the experienced predator adjusts and makes its kill on the fly. Notice how the cat grabs the deer by the neck. Fast and on target.

Watch below, but don’t blink. It happens fast:

The person who posted the video on YouTube says the mountain lion hung around the prey for a few days and enjoyed its quarry. On the fourth day, though, he said two bears showed up and dragged the remaining carcass away. Though I can’t imagine there was much at that point!

Let us know your favorite mountain lion story!

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