[SHOT Show 2020] Bend, but Don’t Break… NEW Hornady Handgun Hunter with Monoflex


Hornady has introduced a new series of ammunition specifically tailored for people who pursue big-game with sidearms and it is dubbed Handgun Hunter! We had the opportunity to see some of this ammo for the first time while attending SHOT Show 2020 and its expansion, and weight retention look pretty impressive. For the time being, it has been introduced in 7 common self-defense/hunting cartridges common for bear, boar, and other large game animals. All of the cartridges, their associated grain weights, and the amount you receive per package can be read below:

  • 9mm Luger +P 115 Grain Monoflex | 25 Count
  • .357 Magnum 130 Grain Monoflex | 25 Count
  • .40 S&W 135 Grain Monoflex | 20 Count
  • 10mm Auto 135 Grain Monoflex | 20 Count
  • .44 Rem Mag 200 Grain Monoflex | 20 Count
  • .454 Casull 200 Grain Monoflex | 20 Count
  • .460 S&W Mag 200 Grain Monoflex | 20 Count

It is a pretty even split of semi-auto versus revolver cartridges being offered from the outset, but the scale could tip one way or the other as Hornady begins to introduce more and more cartridges into this line-up. A more concise and professional introduction of the Handgun Hunter line of ammunition can be watched below courtesy of Hornady’s YouTube page:

So we learned that the New Monoflex bullet used for the Handgun Hunter line of ammo is a descendant of the GMX bullet, but an all copper design with an Elastomer tip to help aid in expansion. Since we did not have the opportunity to shoot any of this ammunition at SHOT Show’s “Industry Day at the Range,” we will have to take Hornady’s word for it on its function and quality. A final explanation is given from Hornady’s website on the construction, design, and use of their new line of ammunition:

Hornady Handgun Hunter™ ammunition is built around a bullet as rough and rugged as the conditions and game demand. The MonoFlex® handgun projectile is manufactured with a tough copper alloy that achieves deep penetration and 95% weight retention. Bullet expansion across a range of velocities is aided with an elastomer material added to the bullet’s open cavity. Upon impact, the elastomer compresses, then pushes out and causes the bullet to expand faster than a standard hollow point design.

Combined with premium cases, primers and propellants, Handgun Hunter™ ammunition benefits from years of producing hard-hitting GMX® and MonoFlex® rifle bullets to introduce a handgun version that lives up to our reputation.

For all of our readers out there who have attempted hunting big-game with handguns, whether it was with a semi-auto or revolver in the past, what do you think of this New Hornady Handgun Hunter ammunition? Is this something you would pack into the Rockies for protection against grizzly bear? Would you hunt wild boar in Texas with this? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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