10-Point Buck Fights Dead Deer Next to Hunter’s Truck


Has this ever happened to you? A deer hunter was preparing to field dress a buck he just shot, when suddenly another buck shows up and attempts to pick a fight with it!

I will say I’ve had deer stick around the area for a while after shooting a deer with my bow, but they usually blow out and head for the next county the second I head for the ground. This guy, however, had already tagged his deer, drove his truck up next to it, and was STANDING RIGHT THERE when another buck (presumably an old rival of the deer he just harvested) shows up and tries to do battle.

Luckily in today’s day and age, this little encounter won’t just go down as a “story” because the hunter was able to take out his cell phone and record the entire thing:

Do you see the neck on that deer? I think it’s safe to say his behavior was heavily influenced by a surge of hormones deer experience during the rut, but that’s pretty aggressive nonetheless!

In the end, a congratulations is in order for this fair-minded hunter who harvested a dandy looking buck, snickered at the second, and shared the whole encounter with all of us.

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