[SHOT Show 2020] Safety First! NEW ATI Saf-T-First Nano Composite AR Trigger


There are an overabundance of AR-15 triggers on the market that come in different shapes (flat-face, traditional curve, elongated curve, etc) and ones that have incredibly light trigger pulls and are user-adjustable as well. One thing that most manufacturers are not looking at though is how to make the standard AR-15 trigger more safe. Everyone except for American Tactical, that is. They debuted their NEW Saf-T-First Nano Composite AR Trigger at SHOT Show 2020, and we stopped by to take a closer look.

The Saf-T-First AR Trigger is constructed of 100% durable nano composite technology. What this does for the shooter is drastically reduce accidental or negligent discharges. Another hallmark feature about this trigger is that it allows the rifle to be stored with the hammer forward and in a safe position. This means you never have to load a charged AR-15 without the safety on again! Everything that comes in the Saf-T-First Nano Composite AR Trigger Kit is as follows:

  • Pistol Grip Assembly
  • Saf-T-First Control Group
  • Takedown/Pivot Pin Assembly
  • Safety Assembly
  • Bolt Catch Assembly

This lower parts kit from American Tactical is made from 100% durable nano composite technology and steel parts that fits and will complete your AR-15 stripped lower. Featuring the SAF-T-FIRST fire control group, this new design allows the firearm to be loaded with the safety engaged, drastically reducing accidental or negligent discharge of the firearm. American Tactical believes in safe firearm practices and the SAF-T-FIRST fire control group allows the firearm to be stored loaded with the safety engaged.

The Saf-T-First Nano Composite AR Trigger comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty like all products from American Tactical. The MSRP is $39.95 for this AR-15 compatible trigger. As mentioned earlier, while numerous companies are looking at aesthetic ways to change the AR-15 trigger through its appearance or the trigger pull weight, American Tactical has gone a different direction by looking at how they can make it safer for all of us. The last question that remains though, is what do you think? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.


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