Video: Bold Labrador Stops Potential Cougar Attack


Living near mountain ranges provides ample opportunity for hunting, and enjoying the outdoors. But, we know all too well about the predator animals who also roam these territories, so it’s wise to have an understanding of how to best defend yourself. In this video a bold Labrador gets in between its owner and a mountain lion, and thwarts a potential attack before it ever happens.

Mountain lions are ambush predators, so they typically have eyes on you long before you ever see them. In most circumstances, the only time you will cross paths with a cougar is if you happen to surprise, or corner it. And if you ever do find yourself in such a situation, NEVER run. This could trigger a reaction in the cat’s brain that says “prey,” and you certainly don’t want that..

Instead, get loud, get as big as you can, and back away slowly. Your goal is to show the animal you are far more trouble than it’s worth. Chances are, when the animal sees a window of opportunity to bolt, it will.

With that said, watch this video and see if you can spot where the man went wrong:

Initially, this guy does everything correct, but he stuck around for far too long and is pretty fortunate his dog didn’t get scratched up. Which leads to the next mistake: not having a leash on his dog..

If he had his dog on leash, he could have controlled the situation better, and maintained a safer distance.

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