According to Researchers Tigers Are The Most Vengeful Animals on Earth


So.. apparently tigers are as vengeful as they come, and if you happen to cross one, it won’t forget you any time soon.

An article featured on NPR, talks about a story from John Vaillant’s book The Tiger that tells a gripping and gory story about what it’s like to stalk – and be stalked – by the largest species of cat still walking on this planet.

The story centers around Vladimir Markov, a poacher who learned first hand just how vengeful these animals can be after he shot and wounded a tiger, and then took part of the animals kill..

As the story goes, the injured tiger “hunted Markov down in a way that appears to be chillingly premeditated.” The tiger spent the next days staking Markov’s cabin, waiting by the front door for the moment to get it’s ginormous paws on him. When Markov eventually returned, the tiger killed him, dragged him into the bushes and ate him.

Vaillant goes on to say the tiger’s response was “logical” and “understandable,” but far from anything typical for any animal.

The moral of the story: don’t piss off any tigers or they’ll personally show up at your front door to kill you and eat you.

Apparently tigers are not fans of each other either

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