This Turkey Got its Head Stuck in a Hunter’s Decoy and We Can’t Stop Laughing


I bet you never saw a turkey with two fans before. Okay, it’s really just a turkey with his head stuck in a decoy’s fan, but stop me if you’ve witnessed this in the turkey woods before!

Tim Herald has been hunting for wild turkeys alongside his buddy Lee Britt in Tennessee, when the two hunters witnessed something Tim told me he’s never seen in all his years of stalking ole three toes.

“The two of us have probably been in on 700+ turkey kills and have never witnessed anything like this…”

If you have a friend who has been interested in getting into hunting, take them turkey hunting. It’s great fun scouting for them in the spring with location calls, and the rush of watching them strut past your decoy is one they won’t soon forget. You may not always get the level of entertainment Tim and Lee witnessed here, but I guarantee it will always keep you coming back for more!

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