John Dudley Attempts 500 Yard Bow Shot with the PSE EVO NTN He Built for Dude Perfect


If you build a bow specifically for the Dude Perfect guys, you have to do something pretty epic with it to make sure it’s up to par. And that’s exactly what John Dudley did after he constructed Tyler’s PSE Evo NTN.

Now, to be “Dude Perfect worthy” as John puts it, he reaches way down into his barrel of tricks and attempts to stick an arrow on a target that’s sitting 500-yards away. How many attempts do you think it will take? I bet it’s way less than you think..

Without saying too much, here’s the video:

I’m usually not the type to say I told you so, but…

I have to say, that was pretty dang impressive, especially in those high winds. The heavy arrow probably helped out a tad, but I’m sure you could hear it was whipping pretty good out there!

And now we wait to see what the fellas at Dude Perfect do with this PSE bow once they get their hands on it. Whatever trick shots they have cooked up in their minds, I’m sure it will be good.

Stay tuned!

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