Kiawah Island Alligator Attack – Witness Yelled at Woman to Stay Away Before Attack


A woman in South Carolina was dragged into the water and killed by an alligator Friday afternoon on Kiawah Island, Charleston County deputies said.

According to The Post and Courier, Cynthia Covert was over at a friends house to do her nails before the attack happened. The friend apparently told investigators that Covert was not acting like her normal self, and seemed more talkative than she typically was at the salon she worked at.

“When Covert was doing her nails on the porch she saw the alligator in the pond and was fascinated,” the report said. “(She) stated after Covert was finished with her nails she went outside of the porch and was taking pictures of the alligator.”

The friend tried to yell at Covert to stay away from the reptile, but her warnings were ignored.

Moments later, the alligator grabbed hold of Covert’s leg and started dragging her into the water, the report said. The homeowner’s husband and a neighbor came to help with a rope, which they tossed to Covert to pull her out of the pond. While her friends pulled, she calmly said, “I guess I won’t do this again,” according to a supplemental report released by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office.

Then the gator rolled.

Deputies and firefighters arrived to the scene on Salt Cedar Lane and didn’t see any movement. After 10 or 15 minutes went by, Covert’s body surfaced with the alligator still latched onto her leg. The alligator took her body back under again, and returned to the surface a few moments later. A deputy reportedly shot the alligator with his 9mm handgun, causing it to release Covert.

Coroner Rae Wooten reportedly said 57-year-old Cynthia Covert’s official cause of death is “drowning and the manner of death was an accident.”

This incident is South Carolina‘s third deadly alligator attack in four years.

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