YETI Launches All-New Free Video Streaming Service – YETI+


You thought Netflix and Disney+ had all the best video streaming content in the game? Well, YETI said hold my Rambler, and launched its own free, limited-time video streaming service featuring eight different feeds of gorgeous natural streams in high-definition. They’ve called it YETI+.

“Bringing the wild to consumers stuck indoors, YETI+ offers eight feeds of beautiful streams, from Hawaii to Vancouver,” the brand says.

So, if you need a little break from daytime television, sports analysts yelling about seemingly nothing, or the ultra popular “Tiger King,” go to YETI’s website now and listen to the calming sounds of the outdoors instead.

“We’ll be back outside before we know it,” states the YETI+ landing page. “But until then, kick back, grab a cold one, and wet your appetite for the wild with one of our streams.”

Each of the eight feeds is currently showing daytime footage from six different locations in Oregon, Colorado, California and Vancouver.

Several brands in the outdoor industry have been coming up with creative ways to bring entertainment to people who are stuck inside their homes during the pandemic, and YETI+ is the content we all need right now.

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