Don’t Sleep On This Hook Setting Tip When Tossing Topwater Frogs


The world of sports has evolved a lot since super slow motion cameras started showing up on the sidelines. Now, lets take that same technology and use it to learn how to catch more bass. Sounds good, right? Find a comfortable seat, let down the anchor, and watch this hook setting tip from Fish Code Studios. You might even catch more fish on topwater frogs!

It’s happened to all of us; You’re tossing topwater frogs when a bass suddenly gulps the bait under, triggering your hook setting muscles, only to discover you pulled the bait clean out of the fish’s mouth.

Or so it would seem..

The video below illustrates what’s going on under the surface of the water when a bass strikes your lure, and with the power of those slow motion cameras, anglers get a crucial lesson in the science of setting the hook:

So, the next time you’re out on the water give this tip a try. You will likely find it difficult at first to fight your instincts and not set the hook right away, but the longer you can hold out, it allows for the fish to get a better bite on your bait.

Happy fishing, y’all!

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