KUIU Introduces New Valo Camo Pattern


Kuiu just announced the launch of their brand new Valo camo pattern. KUIU’s latest pattern features a lighter, low-contrast design with a complex color palette composed of desert tan, prairie-grass yellow, stone grey, coyote brown, olive drab and minimal black. Its large macro pattern with micro details help breakup the human outline in both long and close encounter scenarios. Valo takes on the colors of its surroundings, while its subtle earth tones conceal movement, and make it suitable in a wide variety of environments and vegetation.

The launch comes after three years of research and development, extensive testing, countless iterations, and input from a carefully assembled team of trusted guides and hunters.

Chad Mendes has been a part of ‘Team KUIU’ for a long time, and he took to Instagram earlier today to introduce everybody to what the brand is calling their “most versatile camo pattern yet”:

KUIU’s Shaun Ayers goes in-depth into the design philosophy and details behind KUIU’s Valo camo pattern. The team of designers used a three-pronged approach: with attention paid to shape, color, and contrast. The result is a camo pattern like no other on the market:

“Valo is the embodiment of KUIU’s belief that innovation never rests,” said Shawn La Rowe, KUIU’s Chief Merchandising Officer. “It’s also the delivery on our promise that we give our customers what they want and ask for. As a result, Valo’s distinct pattern will give hunter’s true versatility, and will become an immediate staple.”

Valo was tested in some of the most challenging hunting conditions and proven in many different landscapes. Valo has been in the field across North America, including AlaskaYukonMontanaMexicoTexasIllinoisOhio, and California.

“Valo’s colors are exactly what I would’ve hoped for,” said Jake Franklin, Outfitter at Kika Worldwide. “Each of the colors on their own as a solid would be pretty darn good natural camouflage. Putting all of them together in one pattern makes it perfect.”

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