Frank Ragnow Slams the Smallmouth in Sturgeon Bay Using Hair Jigs


Last time we checked in on Frank Ragnow – a.k.a. Grizzly Man Outdoors – he had dug up some old footage of him (self filming) walking out on thin ice to go ice fishing when he fell through and found himself stuck in waist deep, freezing cold water. It certainly wasn’t his finest moment on the water, but his experience taught a very valuable lesson to perspective ice anglers and gave everyone a little chuckle, too.

The NFL offensive lineman has done a fair amount of fishing since his little incident on the ice, and this time around he’s hopping in the boat with Doug Wegner Fishing to hook up with some aggressive smallmouth bass using hair jigs out in Sturgeon Bay.

First, we get a crash course from Doug on throwing hair jigs and how to work them close to the bottom, and then the bite starts to turn on. Check it out as Frank hooks into his first ever fish on a hair jig, and then another and another.. you see where I’m going with this:

I think it’s safe to say Frank redeemed himself!

He also raised an interesting topic of discussion while talking about his love for smallies; Do you prefer fishing for large or smallmouth bass?

Personally, I’m with my guy Frank on this one. Largemouth are, without doubt, a fun fish to pull out of the water, but there’s just something exciting about those brown fish. And when you pair them with light tackle like these guys were, forget about it! That’s some of the most fun you can have out on the water. hands. down.

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