Raccoons Take Over Bedroom in Wild Video


Imagine walking into your bedroom at night, and flipping on the lights to find two intruders scaling your walls.

Well, if it’s anything like the scene TikTok user Dane Monger found herself in, you might actually have a similar kind of reaction.

“There’s literally two raccoons in my bedroom right now,” Monger can be heard saying while the raccoons stare back at her and look for a way out.

@danekayl4so i walk into my bedroom & there’s THREE RACCOONS ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ original sound – danekayl4

The raccoons appear just as scared and confused as Monger sounds as she describes what is taking place in her bedroom. Eventually, one of the raccoons ditches his buddy and escapes through the open window, but the second raccoon looks as if it doesn’t know how to get back down off the window frame. Which prompts Monger to ask; “Should I help it?”

“I wanna go grab it,” she adds. “Should I go grab it? Oh my god.”

However, it sounds like Monger didn’t end up grabbing the raccoon after all. And good thing, too! A startled raccoon in that kind of scenario could have spelled real bad news for her. In general, it’s best to keep your distance from these critters, as raccoons are considered one of the primary carriers of rabies in the United States.

That seems to be well understood, though, as many users noted in the video’s comment section how they would have “left the house” had they been in Monger’s shoes.

“How are you so calm I would have started squaring up with a broom,” one person said

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