Beaver in Germany Doesn’t Give a ‘Dam’ About Receiving Police Escort Out of the City


A busy beaver roaming the busy streets of Zirndorf, Germany, which is just outside of Nuremberg received a police escort to safety.

Footage captured by Polizei Mittelfranken shows the critter following a narrow walkway next to a busy street as an officer guides it away from danger.

According to the Facebook post by police, the beaver was eventually corralled with support from the Lower Nature Conservation Authority and a little assistance from a “catching net.” The animal was then released back into the wild.

“On Wednesday morning a beaver was seen by our colleagues on a busy street in #Zirndorf, one of them is a knowledgeable #beaverconsultant.

There was both danger to the life of the beaver and flowing traffic. But the beaver could have posed a danger to passers-by as beaver if they feel tightened, attack and inflicted bite injuries.

With the support of the Lower Nature Conservation Authority and with the help of a catching net, the beaver was able to be captured and suspended again in the #Bibert.”

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