Eerie Video Shows California Mountain Lion Stalking Kids as They Play


In a chilling video that’s become popular online, a mountain lion in California has been captured on video watching children while they ride their bikes and play outside.

The predatory cat was captured on video when Timothy Kerrisk noticed a large-sized animal crouching outside his home in Pacifica and peering through his front gate. Kerrisk told KRON4 News that he didn’t realize it was a mountain lion until he tried to scare it off.

“I thought it was somebody’s dog that had gotten into the yard and I was like, “hey get out of here! then it turned and that’s when I was like, ‘oh my god! it’s a mountain lion!'” Timothy explained.

“[The big cat] was watching the kids through the gate right here, and I started yelling at the kids “get inside! get inside!”

After posting his video to YouTube, many people started commenting that the cat was just “hiding” or “misplaced,” however we’ve heard similar stories like this before, and it’s pretty safe to assume this cat knew exactly where it was and what it was doing there.

Kerrisk also said the mountain lion had chased his cat through his yard earlier that same Saturday.

“I know that cat was well fed, and I know that it was definitely hungry because it was going for my cat, then the kids, and then killed a deer up behind my neighbor’s house.”

Another clip captured by Kerrisk’s neighbor, Andrew Mooney’s home surveillance cameras caught another shot of the lion as it was escaping Kerrisk’s yard.

Mooney claimed the mountain lion is the biggest he’s ever seen.

“The width of a 2020 Ford F-150 from nose to tail. It’s the biggest one that I’ve seen. We have a lot of sightings of mountain lions around here, and they all seem to be small bobcat size. This one was well fed,” Mooney said.

The mountain lion has put this whole neighborhood outside of San Francisco on red alert, with many concerned about the safety of their children and pets. Despite the dangers, though, many residents in the neighborhood say they do not want the mountain lion trapped, taken away, or euthanized.

Let’s hope that works out for them..

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